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A symbol of rabbinic and personal leadership. Sephardi Orthodox Rabbi and Torah scholar in Israel. In recent years, Rav Amsellem played a key role in supporting “Seed of Israel” people in general, and Bnei Anusim in particular through their journey back into the Jewish people. He willingly and whole-heartedly took upon himself a large part of the religious support needed to accomplish this immense task – travelling to communities, guiding community rabbis, conducting Jewish ceremonies, and much more. One of the pinnacles of his activity is the Beit Din he established in Jerusalem, overseeing the conversions of Seed of Israel people, where he serves as the Av Beit Din.

Rav Amsellem exemplifies religious Zionism, and draws on the heart and spirit of great Sephardic rabbis, like Maran HaGaon Harav Ben Zion Meir Hai Uziel (z”l), who was the Rishon Lezion and former Chief Rabbi of Israel, and Harav HaGaon Rabbi Yosef Messas (z”l), the former Chief Rabbi of Haifa. Rav Amsellem served for many years as a community rabbi in Israel and Switzerland, Head of several Batei Midrash, and a Member of the Israeli Parliament. He is the author of the “Book of Zera Israel”.

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  1. Can you have Rabbi Amsellem participate in a webinar for possible Yom Haatzmaut celebration as a feature speaker for a nyc synagogue?

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Prof. David Passig

Prof. David Passig is a futurist, lecturer, consultant and best-selling author who specializes in technological, social and educational futures. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Future Studies from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA. Prof. Passig is an Associate Professor at Bar-Ilan University (BIU), Ramat-Gan, Israel, in which he heads the Graduate Program in Communication Technologies as well as the Virtual Reality Lab. Prof. Passig has consulted for many corporations as well as public and private sector institutes. He is the chair in one of his own FutureCode Ltd., which develops and employs tool-kits of computerized Futures methods in decision making processes. He is a co-founder of ThinkZ, Ltd., which develops IoT technologies. He has consulted in Israel, Asia, Europe South and North America. He has served as the chief advisor to the Commissioner for Future Generations in the Israeli Parliament. Among his many activities, he is a member of the Israeli National Council for Research & Development. His bestseller books are: “The Future Code,” “2048” and “Forcognito – The Future Mind”. Each has received Israel’s coveted Gold Book Award www.thefuturecode.com.

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