Just being Jewish
Judaism tradition is a precious heritage, and it is the glue between the parts of the Jewish people, when it is passed pleasantly and without coercion. An inclusive and broad tradition that inspires meaning and hope for the entire Zionist project connected to the Diaspora, and to those seeking to join the Jewish people. Agree?!
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Reconnecting to Judaism
Halacha has established a clear process for conversion. If you desire is sincere and pure, the conversion process is transparent and accessible to everyone.
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One united people
Moderate Judaism and tradition, as a foundations to unity of Israel.
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Halachic ruling

We follow in the footsteps of the sages of Spain from all generations who have ruled walked with tremendous wisdom and sensitivity to the challenges of the hour to solve problems, rather than create news.


The question of conversion is a critical issue that divides the Jewish people and its Diaspora, but on the other hand is able to create unity among the people of Israel while deepening identity and preserving tradition.

Crypto jews

We work among the Anussim, whose number is estimated at millions of people around the world who are "descendants of Israel" and seek to get closer back to Judaism, and to the State of Israel, in an accessible and welcoming manner, while observing the rules of Halacha.

Our services

We operate in different arenas around the world, with one goal: to strengthen the people of Israel and fortify their future while creating unity among all parts of the nation.

Opening a conversion file

Zera Israel operates a special conversion court headed by Rabbi Chaim Amsalem Shlita. The court goes on delegations around the world and holds special discussions with its emissaries in the Zera Israel communities.

Digital Library

We are pleased to present to you our digital library containing many books, sources and studies on the history of the Jewish people and the laws of conversion

Book a lecture

You can book a lecture or lesson on a variety of topics: Conversion and the seed of Israel, the tradition of the sages of Spain, the combination of Torah and work and more.

Ask the rabbi

Here are your questions. You can watch and ask new questions. Please try to share your questions for the benefit of the many.

Our vision

After about 100 years of Zionism out of the fulfillment of the vision of the prophets, the people of Israel are at a turning point. On the one hand, we are experiencing the golden age of our people in the economic, political, and cultural aspects. On the other hand, parts of the people have developed an aversion to religion, and large rifts in Israeli society threaten our identity as a united people that sucks its right to exist from history and a wonderful tradition.

Throughout the ages, religion and tradition have been a bridge between members of the Jewish community and have preserved it from the hardships of exile. Unfortunately in the State of Israel, religion (God forbid) sometimes seems to have become a disturbing and oppressive factor in the eyes of many of the people, and it seems that we must choose a side: democratic or Jewish, and as if these values stand in an unsolvable contradiction.

We who have been privileged to enjoy ready-made what the founders have laboriously sown, we have a duty to advance their vision and continue to build the exemplary society our ancestors and prophets have dreamed of for all generations.

We are convinced that it is not too united to reconnect the people to its roots and tradition in a pleasant and unforced way, and to restore the people's natural affection for its tradition, and in any case to connect the different parts of the people while deepening identity and creating a sense of belonging and common destiny. The nations, a society whose sons are proud of what is said, "Israel, in whom I will be glorified."

Founders & friends

Arie Toledano


Rabbi Haim Amsellem

Foundation's Chief Rabbi

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Digital Library

We are pleased to present to you our digital library containing many books, sources and studies on the history of the Jewish people and the laws of conversion

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Gilberto Venturas (Rabino Ventura)

Prof. David Passig

Prof. David Passig is a futurist, lecturer, consultant and best-selling author who specializes in technological, social and educational futures. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Future Studies from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA. Prof. Passig is an Associate Professor at Bar-Ilan University (BIU), Ramat-Gan, Israel, in which he heads the Graduate Program in Communication Technologies as well as the Virtual Reality Lab. Prof. Passig has consulted for many corporations as well as public and private sector institutes. He is the chair in one of his own FutureCode Ltd., which develops and employs tool-kits of computerized Futures methods in decision making processes. He is a co-founder of ThinkZ, Ltd., which develops IoT technologies. He has consulted in Israel, Asia, Europe South and North America. He has served as the chief advisor to the Commissioner for Future Generations in the Israeli Parliament. Among his many activities, he is a member of the Israeli National Council for Research & Development. His bestselling books are: “The Future Code,” “2048” and “Forcognito - The Future Mind”. Each has received Israel's coveted Gold Book Award www.thefuturecode.com.

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