Chairman, Founder

Arie Toledano’s dedication for the perpetuity of the Jewish people is based on strong roots. The Expulsion of the Jewish people from Spain is an integral part of his ancestral story, passed on from father to son, dating back to 1492. The legacy of bringing “Seed of Israel” back to the Jewish people continued at the end of the 1980’s, when Arie’s father was appointed as the Chief Rabbi at Israel’s Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, where he played a key role in the conversion and religious integration of tens of thousands of Jews from Ethiopia (Falashmoura).

His unique background triggered a special interest in the Bnei Anusim, which today are estimated in their millions, seeking a path back into the Jewish flock.

After 30+ years of successful international business career as President of a Top-Tier technology company in France, Arie decided to devote himself to Zera Israel. Alongside his professional career, he held many roles in Jewish communities in France and Israel and had always been dedicated to the empowerment of the Jewish life and faith.

Arie Toledano is a visionary, man of action and a true believer in the role of the Jewish people among the nations as well as the eternity of its existence.

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